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Womb Blessing Hawai'i

Aloha, welcome to Womb Blessing Hawai'i. I am Rosie, level 3 Moon Mother and with all my heart I offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies, which bring powerful healing and connectedness to our natural femininity. Location: all over Hawai'i Island and -by invitation- on Maui, Kaua'i and Oahu,




Womb Blessing Hawai'i


The 'womb' in the words Womb Blessing is symbolic of the original femininity we embody, and of the female energy centre that lies over our lower belly and womb. Wheather we have a physical womb or not we still have this energy centre, and its energies affect all aspects of our lives - the way we think and feel, our sexual energies, our creativity, and our spirituality. We may stop being fertile, but we don't stop embodying a beautiful, magical and empowered femininity.


The word 'blessing' is chosen by Miranda Gray because a blessing is an action that takes something that is seen as ordinary and returns it back to its original sacred nature. A blessing helps us to recognize the divine presence within ourselves and within the world around us.

The Womb Blessing is a return to sacredness of everything that it means to be female.


Rosie added the word 'Hawai'i' to Womb Blessing since she lives and gives in Hawai'i and that adds a specialty to it. Hawai'i Island is a special, spiritual place in the middle of the Pacific and has profound, unique, and extraordinary aspects.

The Womb Blessing Hawai'i blessings are a return to the original sacredness (symbolized by the word 'blessing') of everything that it means to be female (symbolized by the word 'womb'), in a loving embrace and in deep connection. Within this return, loving embrace and deep connection we know our true self and find empowerment and healing.

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Photos Mauna Kea: Rosie Rosanne