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Womb Blessing Hawai'i

Aloha, welcome to Womb Blessing Hawai'i. I am Rosie, level 3 Moon Mother and with all my heart I offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies, which bring powerful healing and connectedness to our natural femininity. Location: all over Hawai'i Island and -by invitation- on Maui, Kaua'i and Oahu,




Womb Blessing 

The Womb Blessing was created by Miranda Gray in 2012 as part of the first Worldwide Womb Blessing. Miranda then started teaching Moon Mothers around the world to give Personal Womb Blessings and Womb Healings. The Womb Blessing community consists of over 200,000 women in over 150 countries. www.wombblessing.com

The Womb Blessing is a transformational female energy practice that brings powerful healing and creates connectedness to our femininity, tranquillity and centeredness, female empowerment, well-being and change to the (energetic) womb and (energetic) cycle, a symbol of our femininity. Womb Blessings connect us to the Divine Feminine and opens us to our natural female spirituality.

A Personal Womb Blessing given by a Moon Mother* is a transfer of Blessing energy through a sequence of hand positions and breaths. The Blessing is focused on an individual’s energies, her personal awakening and her connection to her femininity to help her live a more consciously female life.

*Moon Mothers are women who offered to nurture, support and spread the awakening of women's authentic femininity.

​The Womb Blessing awakens aspects of our female nature – our strength and empowerment, centeredness, intuitive wisdom and inspiration, dynamic energy, empathy and compassion, inspiration, inner stillness, creativity, sexuality and spirituality - that have been repressed or dormant.

Each Womb Blessing is a gift of Sacred Feminine energy that awakens aspects of our authentic femininity from their sleep, restrictions and darkness and reveals the beauty, strength and gifts of our female nature.

Each Blessing ignites the mystery within us that is the Sacred Feminine, and takes us on a path that returns us to our true and sacred authentic female nature.

Each Blessing brings healing and acceptance, love and joy, guidance and empowerment. The Sacred Feminine is reflected in all women whatever their age, whatever their lifevision, with or without a womb, with or without a menstrual cycle.

The Womb Blessings also help us to make the change from Cyclic Woman to Complete Woman in a way that is beautifully balanced, harmonious, self-accepting and empowering.

The Womb Blessing helps us to release old patterns of fear and restriction from our own lives and from our female line, to awaken missing aspects of the archetypes (more about the archetypes further in the text and on www.wombblessingusa.com), and to feel that the form of femininity we are becoming -or have become- is as wonderful, beautiful, worthy and powerful as that of fertile women.

As Complete Women we are the ultimate expression of the human female. We can be complete women who are in the Enchantress phase of their lives, actively participating in the world as elders and mentors and women who build the future, or we can be Complete Women in the Crone phase of life who are outside of society, the keepers of spiritual wisdom, holders of stillness and guides to oneness.

Every woman holds four universal aspects of the Sacred Feminine energy, known as 'female archetypes', in her womb centre. The energies of the archetypes originate from our female soul within the womb centre and flow with the phases of the cycle of the moon and, if you have a cycle, with our menstrual cycle, creating a personal experience of the Sacred Feminine.

Our authentic femininity with its four energies, four archetypes and four levels of awareness want to be expressed -in our body, in our cells in our instincts, and in our soul we are called to do this. If the Womb Blessing is awakening aspects of these archetypes within us and releasing their energies into our consciousness we need to know more about them. 

The four female archetypes are:

1) THE MAIDEN is the young girl who is dynamic, independent, sexually desirable 'pure' in the sense that she is authentic to her nature and untouched by the influence of others.

2) THE MOTHER is the 'Good Mother', the fertile mother who is caring and self-less and who is abundant in love and the ability to nurture and provide for those around her.

3) THE ENCHANTRESS is the mature woman who is empowered, sexual, magical, wild and independent. She can also appear as the 'Dark Maiden' or a magical being, and she reflects the energies of a woman who is peri-menopausal or who is in the early years of post-menopause.

4) THE CRONE is the lone old(er) woman, the elder wise woman and the ancient grandmother. She is the old woman whose focus is turned inwards, away from the everyday world and society and who stands silently at the portal between the worlds.

The phases of the archetypes are based on personal experiences and (for those with a cycle) are linked to hormones. The cycle we experience is the cycle that is correct for us in this moment, whether it is long or short, regular or irregular, quiet or disruptive.

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