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Womb Blessing Hawai'i

Aloha, welcome to Womb Blessing Hawai'i. I am Rosie, level 3 Moon Mother and with all my heart I offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies, which bring powerful healing and connectedness to our natural femininity. Location: all over Hawai'i Island and -by invitation- on Maui, Kaua'i and Oahu,





The gifts Rosie brings forward as a level 3 Moon Mother, Sacred Feminine facilitator and healer, energy practitioner, energy clearer and -retired- psychologist, come from Source and her personal practice of choosing joy, light, gratefulness and connectedness with Sisters all over the world, with a special place in her heart for all Moon Mothers, Net of Light sisters and -on Hawai'i Island- Kumu Diane Kamaolipua Grace, her Hui sisters and the sisters from The Wise Women Circle and Drum Circle.

Rosie travelled for the first time to the Hawaiian Islands in 2015, fell in love with Hawai'i Island and a wonderful man and lives life with him, their two dogs and four cats since. Rosie loves to fill her life with joy, laughter, coffee, yoga, walking, nature, animals, friends and adventures/traveling.

In 2014 Rosie went to Barcelona for the Moon Mother 1 training, followed by the Moon Mother 2 and Red Moon training in Paris in 2015.  She facilitated Womb Blessing Ceremonies at her home in Holland until she started travelling to the Hawai'i Islands. When visiting Holland Rosie facilitates Womb Blessing Sister Ceremonies by invitation. In September 2019 Rosie accomplished the Moon Mother 3 training in Milan.


Rosie gives big mahalo (gratefulness) to Miranda Gray who is the originator of the Womb Blessings; she received all knowledge of the Womb Blessings by Source, spreads it around by passing it to women around the world who pass it on in their world. Mahalo to Hawai'i nature and Kumu Diane Kamaolipua Grace for their inspiration, recognition and encouragement of Rosie's earthwalk and connectedness to Hawai'i. 

On this website Rosie quotes from Miranda's latest book 'Female energy awakening, the path of the World Wide Womb Blessing back to authentic femininity', website www.wombblessing.com and www.wombblessingusa.com.