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Womb Blessing Hawai'i

Aloha, welcome to Womb Blessing Hawai'i. I am Rosie, level 3 Moon Mother and with all my heart I offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies, which bring powerful healing and connectedness to our natural femininity. Location: all over Hawai'i Island and -by invitation- on Maui, Kaua'i and Oahu,




Womb Blessing & Womb Blessing Ceremonies

The Womb Blessing is a transformational female energy practice that brings powerful healing and creates connectedness to our femininity, tranquillity and centeredness, female empowerment, well-being, and change to the (energetic) womb and (energetic) cycle, which is a symbol of our femininity. Womb Blessings connect us to the Divine Feminine and opens us to our natural female spirituality.

A Personal Womb Blessing given by a Moon Mother* in a Womb Blessing Ceremony is a transfer of Blessing energy through a sequence of hand positions and breaths. The Blessing is focused on an individual’s energies, her personal awakening and her connection to her femininity to help her live a more consciously female life.

*Moon Mothers are women who offered to nurture, support and spread the awakening of women's authentic femininity. Rosie is a level 3 Moon Mother.

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